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Mariana Pacheco
4 months ago
I called like 10 dentist office’s around the area. No one had availability or answered the phone. I was looking for deals on a new patient cleaning. I had no luck until Smile Asethetix called me back from my online inquiry. They had a great promotion for new patients and were able to get me in same day. 100% happy with the way they greeted me at the reception, Linda the dentist assist was very sweet and walked me through the X-rays and prepping me for the Doctor. Dr. Reddy was very the cleaning and make sure nothing hurt since this was a deep cleaning. This place had all state of the art equipment. It was very clean and I had no problem paying the deep cleaning that was hundreds instead of the $59 deal. The Doctor was very thorough in explaining everything before making my decision. You can bet I will be coming back for my routine cleaning and tell everyone about this place. 100% satisfied!
Joanna Wiekierak
8 months ago
It’s a big deal to give a 5 star rating for an experience where there were tears of pain. However, the pain came from my body, and Dr. Reddy and her team did everything they could to make it all better. First of all, this facility is so gorgeous (I’m not kidding, look at the pictures!). You can tell that a lot of care was put into the construction of this office, with patients in mind. There are tv’s on the ceiling! Secondly, the staff is phenomenal. I like to think my pain tolerance is high, however, I was in tears. Dr. Reddy made sure I was as comfortable as possible, constantly checking on me and providing me with anything I needed. I didn’t realize you are supposed to make sure you ate before an extraction and was provided snacks and water so that I didn’t go hungry for the rest of the day. I felt welcomed, heard and seen here. I felt taken care of. The empathy from the people here was palpable. Last but not least, the pricing is reasonable! My husband had dental work done at other places in the past both with and without insurance and each time, the charges were soy high. Not here. Dr. Reddy made sure to sit down with me to go over all of the information and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fees weren’t ridiculously high, even without insurance. I will be coming back here and I’ll be dragging all of my family and friends along with me.
Teresa Betancourth
a month ago
Before new years eve day, had an emergency and this Dentist was the only one that took me in and was a very clean, organized friendly dentist.The Doctor is amazing, she listened to me , took very good care of me, I'll be definitely going to be coming here from now on. When you found the perfect place you just need to switch and go to the most comfortable one and I found it. I highly recommend them, I honestly dont leave reviews but the public and Doctor needs to hear my experience. Keep up the good work Doctor and staff!
Toni Jouron
3 weeks ago
It was a wonderful experience. Dr Reddy was open to all questions and very honest about what she felt needed to be done. The girls were great friendly and efficient. In general.people are not comfortable in denial office but that does not apply here. I would definitely recommend to friends and family and will return to have required work done. Thank you for your help
Cathy Castellonas
3 weeks ago
I have always been fearful of the dentist.. until now! Dr. Reddy and her team were amazing and SO patient with me during my visit. I had to get a wisdom tooth extracted last minute & they made sure I was okay every minute during the procedure. Dr. Reddy & her teams bedside manners are 10/10! I am so happy I finally found a dentist home! Totally recommend Smile Aesthetix!